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Welcome to Burgersdorp and welcome to The Kingsman, the place where leaders meet. Our boutique hotel, which dates from 1855, offers ideal accommodation options, and has become a mainstay for the businessmen and women coming to or through our town. Our rooms and facilities cater to every professional’s needs, and we provide all the amenities you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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About Us

The Kingsman Boutique Hotel is situated on the main road of Burgersdorp, Piet Retief Street. It was built in 1855 to house the local printing press, but has served several purposes since then. After being abandoned for years, the current owners took it over and completely refurbished the dilapidated building to turn it into the exclusive hotel it is today. Under their care, The Kingsman has become a place for leaders to stay as they conduct their business

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